What’s your process?

FaCTOR clients generally have a fire or two that need to be extinguished as soon as the relationship starts, so engagements generally begin by focusing on the here and now and on bringing the overall working environment into a sustainably tolerable state.

The FaCTOR process is flexible and will be adapted to match the processes of your company.  FaCTOR’s objective is to use processes and communications styles that you are comfortable with. FaCTOR has a strong background in Traction EOS and can recommend processes based on that framework to manage your organizational change. In general, you can expect:

  • A stated technology vision that, after your buy-in, will become a shared technology vision
  • An annual budget estimate
  • An annual roadmap
  • Consistent cybersecurity improvements and status communications
  • Quarterly goals – or “Rocks”
  • Weekly to do’s
  • A documented list of issues to discuss with solution statements.

If anything, the FaCTOR process is systematic and precise. It is all about sticking to the plan, solving obstacles, and making sure to be ready for surprises as they come.


You will notice when working with FaCTOR that you always know where the program and process stands.